I’m breaking my blogging mini-vacation to bring you an update on Super Bowl news and video on the web. That’s right, you can find stuff about the Super Bowl on the Internet these days.

But seriously… I thought I’d give a little sprinkling of some of the more interesting things I’ve seen going on around the big game today.

I’m a somewhat serious football fan, so I’ll start with the “real” football stuff. Pretty good analysis of Super Bowl XLIV over on NFL.com, in which typical considerations (stopping the run, getting to the QB) are covered, as well as X factors such as the Dwight Freeney injury situation, Reggie Bush, the genius of Peyton Manning, and the seemingly unstoppable New Orleans offense. Unfortunately, the video over there is not available to an embed (not to NFL.com: set your videos free!).

It’s also fun to look at experts’ predictions, not so much for the fact that they have a lot of relevance to the actual outcome, but to see that most expect this to be a high scoring affair as well as one of the more competitive Super Bowls in Super Bowl history. (It’s my wacky sense of humor that makes me think it would be pretty cool to see a 6-3 squeaker or 44-0 shutout, no?)

Now that huge events are now hip to social media, it’s fun to see what they’re doing with it. Lost Remote notes that the NFL is pushing the Twitter hashag #SB44 for wild tweeting on game day. Those tweets, along with photos and other stuff, are supposed to be showcased on nfl.coms/sb44, but it seems to be down at the time of this writing.

Of course, the Super Bowl becomes about so much more than just football. Hulu is running an ad zone to highlight the advertising industry’s biggest day of the year. Here’s one for Cheetos:


The Saints reaching the Super Bowl for the first time is also shedding new and updated light on New Orleans post-Katrina and the resilient spirit of its people.

On a much lighter note, Asylum is running a “LiveTweeting/drinking extravaganza” (via TV Squad).

And finally, we save the best for last. Puppy Bowl VI. That’s all you need to say.