I’m not much of an interior designer, to say the least. In fact, a room with a nice couch, a desk, a TV, and a great Internet connection sounds just about perfect. Luckily, my wife has made sure our house doesn’t look like a prison Internet café.

I do very much enjoy grabbing cool images that I find during my travels on the webs and throwing them up on my desktop as wallpaper. For web workers and Internet fiends, it would probably be shocking to know how often you are actually staring at the often “negative space” of your desktop while hunting around for files, firing up/powering down your computer, and so on.

Recently I stumbled across a great and easy way to find cool desktop backgrounds that perfectly fit the size of your monitor:

1) Go to Google Image Search

2) Click Advanced Image Search

3) Search for something cool in the “Find Results” fields at top
I love cool shots of cities, particularly my homeland of New York, so I put in New York City as an example

4) Use My Desktop Size
Now, this is where things get kickass. Look underneath Find Results for the row that says Exact Size. In the right column, you’ll see fields for width and height. To the right of that you’ll see a link called “Use my desktop size.” Click that and your desktop dimensions are auto-inserted (mine is 1440×900).

5) Click Google Search
And presto! You have a bunch of amazing shots that are available to put up as desktop wallpaper and spruce up the visuals on your online day a little bit

6) Desktop Wallpaper
Have no idea what desktop wallpaper means? Click on the image you like after completing Step 5. Then click “view full image” (this doesn’t always work so you may need to select another image if this happens). Right click on the full size image and choose “set as desktop wallpaper” (note that Google Chrome doesn’t offer this feature). Then minimize all of your browser windows and applications and behold the artistic wonders.