Ever had a great idea that you know would sell well on a T-shirt or other unique gift? Did you want to try to market your idea but didn’t have the money to get your idea off the ground. It takes money to get into almost any business now-a-days and having enough money to invest in inventory can be a problem and then what if your idea isn’t that great after all, now you have a bunch of worthless crap on your hands and no more money. Well Café Press is an innovative website that takes care of the inventory, shipping, and web side of your business. All you need is that great idea of yours and the motivation to open a Café Press account so you can start selling your idea and making money.
First you probably are asking what is Café Press, it’s a website that provides users with the ability to open online shops and sell T-shirts, hats, and other unique gift ideas. You get to have creative control over the items you sell, and its relatively simple to do and there is no cost for you ever. All the upfront cost such as inventory and shipping is handled by Café Press, you just provide the ideas and the marketing.
So how can Café Press do this, its simple they provide you all the right tools to start the business and then they profit off your gains. They charge you a flat rate for each individual item you sell, and you make a profit by marking up the price from the Café Press price. A good eample is the simple T-shirt sale, Café Press will charge you $8.99 for every shirt you sell, this includes the T-shirt all processing (putting your idea on the shirt) and then shipping next day to your customers. Now to make a profit you are going to have to make up the price to a reasonable amount, say $14.99 which is typical for a T-shirt. You make the difference of $6 per shirt you sell.
They have many products to choose from and each one has its own up front cost, but the good thing is none of it ever costs you a penny unless you sell a shirt or hat, and then Café Press just takes their cut right out of your sale price. So basically they are profiting off your ideas and you are getting your own percentage. Café Press sends you your commission check once per month and the amount obviously varies on your sales. So if you have ever wanted to sell something like this go try it out, Café Press allows you to open a basic shop for free and you can start selling today!
There are a lot of things you need to look at first though if you are serious about selling on Café Press. First you will want to compare the Basic shop to the Premium shop, the only difference upfront is the cost, Premium costs $6.95 a month but with that cost comes a lot of benefits. You will want to carefully weigh the advantages of paying the initial $6.95 a month to what the Premium shop offers you. I personally would start out with a basic shop and see what kind of response I got with my ideas, no need paying for something that isn’t going to be a success.
Just like any business make sure you have a good plan before you start, don’t just go throwing stuff on the site, you can ruin your chances of success by being to hasty. Make sure you create some quality goods and make sure you do your best to promote your site just as you would any other good or service you would try to sell. Marketing is a huge factor to being successful with Café Press. You have to find the people who want to buy your products in order to make money on the website; otherwise your content just sits there and is basically worthless. There aren’t going to be too many people who just happen upon your Café Press website.
I like the website overall, it’s pretty easy to navigate and use, and uploading your content to be sold is very fast and simple. I timed it and time from start to finish loading a shirt and having it ready for sale was about 10 minutes for me, and I took time to make sure I was doing everything right and had some good keywords and descriptions of my shirt. I can’t talk much about the Premium sites they offer, I have never used them but they do sound like they have quite a bit of good stuff they don’t offer to Basic members. You can take tours of the Premium websites and I recommend you check them out and see if they are for you. I didn’t because I am not really trying to sell stuff here I just want to give the site a try and review it so others can check it out.
Overall the usability of the site and the purpose behind it make Café Press a cool website and one worthy of people trying out. It’s totally free if you are a basic member and you can even make some cash if you have some good ideas for funny shirts or hats. There is a section about success stories that you can check out; I never really trust those things they could just be clever ways to get users to buy into the Premium site. The other downfall to a basic site is that the domain name is www.cafepress.com/junk/junk/junk, you know what I mean, its hard to tell some one to type in all the extra stuff at the end, so I suggest registering a domain for the 7.95 a month and having it pointed to your basic site if you really want to get serious about the program.
So what are you waiting for this review is over go get started and see if your ideas sell! Maybe you will be a true success story of Café Press, and make sure to check out all of the site, including the other users stores you might find something you like.